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It’s the last one of the school year, the TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale!  Don’t forget to enter the code:  Thankyou17 at checkout to save up to 28% on all social language products in my TPT store, SmartmouthSLP ! I also have a couple of AWESOME social language items on my wishlist to share with you (and please share your great finds in the comments section):

I love Speech Paths approach to social thinking materials, and this new Red Talk/Green Talk is no exception:

Green Talk vs. Red Talk

Communication Blessings has this really cool emotions product that works on reading non-verbal clues, a tricky concept for my students:

Emotions: Descriptions & Body Language Clues

Jennifer Moses has a ton of great social language products, especially for older kids, like this fabulous Taking Perspective lesson pack:

Taking Perspective: A social-cognition activity to work on

Last, but not least, I love Peachie Speechie’s I Can Have Conversations Workbook

I Can Have Conversations: No Prep Social Language Workbook

Shark Bites.

shark week blog

With two boys of my own, Shark Week has always been a big hit around my house.  It’s coming around again this month for 2016 and we will be sure to watch!  I have seen some really cute craftivities on sharks that I will be using with my summer kiddos including these great ideas from Sunflower Storytime  and their free shark mouth template PDF !


shark template.jpg

I was thinking about how to apply Shark Week fun to social language concepts using the shark mouth pdf, and I came up with this:

shark activity.jpg

I printed the shark outline on cardstock and laminated it to make it more durable.  Next, I put stick on velcro dots along the edge of the mouth (you could use tape, glue or even lay it flat and just put the teeth along the edges.  I used Word and copied as many triangles onto the page as I could since the pdf only had one tooth that I used for sizing.  Then I printed the teeth out on card stock and cut them out before the activity.  This activity is appropriate for late elementary ages on up but could be simplified for younger kids too.

Before making our shark mouths, we talked about how “sharp” words can be (just like shark teeth).  They can cut and wound people when we are being mean or not using our social filters (think it vs. say it).  I asked the kids to share some words that would be hurtful to them or the people that they care about, and we called them shark bites. We brainstormed on a white board first to talk it through. I like to have a visual model (Sarah Ward’s executive function workshop opened my eyes to beginning with the end visually for our kids), but I don’t want them to copy exactly what I have written.  BTW, I always have that one kid who tells me, “I don’t care what people say about me”, so we talk about it from a cartoon character’s perspective instead (Sponge Bob and Squidward are great examples).  This is a little easier for some of my students with ASD, to talk about difficult subjects or feelings from someone else’s experience, not their own.

We also practice sorting out teeth that I have written on prior to the lesson, onto thought bubbles and talking bubbles.   This is a great companion activity to work on the concept of not saying everything that we are thinking, because it can be hurtful.  I extend this concept to include the idea that just because something is “true” doesn’t mean that it is okay to say it, if it hurts someone.

shark bubbles.jpg

That’s how we are diving in deep during social skills shark week!  How are you incorporating sharks into your themed therapy (social skills or otherwise)? Share here!




Puppies, Prediction and Cars…

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I am a dog lover, so when puppy commercials come on TV, I get drawn in immediately. Subaru has a series of car commercials airing now that just suck me in. every. single. time.  They feature a family of Golden Retrievers (The Barkleys!) and their adventures in driving. There are no words in the commercials (duh, they are dogs) BUT they convey a message in each one very clearly. For my students with social language impairments, too much language muddies the processing waters, so these are perfect!  I have downloaded the series onto my social language Youtube channel playlists HERE .

Beyond the complete cuteness overload, they are fabulous tools to work on the social language concepts of predicting and inferencing for my students!  The eight commercials convey social scenarios (for example: the mom getting her hair done) and are great to use to identify emotions, prediction, point of view and humor, all in about thirty seconds. Don’t forget about expected and unexpected concepts too (a puppy in a car seat-whaaaat?). These would be great to use with Playposit (you can read my blog post on how to create your own therapy activity by embedding questions into video clips HERE ).

Do you use commercials to teach inferences or other social language concepts?  I love using Dorito’s Super Bowl ads  and kid’s movie previews!  Please share your favorites here!

It’s a Spring Social!!

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Spring has sprung in Atlanta (ah-choo!) and I have gathered some of my favorite spring themed TPT social language products into my virtual Easter basket for you.  You can just click on the pictures for the links to my TPT store, SmartmouthSLP, easy peasy lemon squeasy!  These packets are all focused on social language concepts including figurative language, hidden rules, expected/unexpected behaviors, determining the best solutions, the language of emotions and much more!   There is even an April Fool’s product to help your students figure out if they are being jokey or jerkey this week (hint: jokey is the much better choice). The packets and games range from your littles all the way through materials appropriate for young adults, so I hope that you will find something that you can add to your SLP bag of tricks (there are 2 freebies included too)!

 If you have any other social language products that you LOVE, please share and add the link in the comments section.  I am always on the lookout for new materials for my students and fellow SLPs!!  Ready to find some goodies?  Let’s go!

Spring means warm weather, and that means it’s ice cream time!  Check out 31 flavors of fun here:

ice cream social

Looking for a little April Fool’s fun social language fun this week?  Here you go!

8x8 cover aprilt fools.jpg

What’s Up Peeps? Is chock full of spring themed social language activities:

8x8 cover whats up peeps

For your middle and littles…:

wow worry wonder 8x8 cover

wow worry wonder 8x8 cover

8x8 cover how does your garden grow

And a social language game for your big kids too….

8x8 cover can of worms

Last but not least, a spring craftivity and 2 freebies for you!

8x8 cover sprout and spring

8x8 cover whats bugging you idiom freebie

8x8 cover template stop bugging me sss

Cyber Monday Funday!

linky cybersale

What’s even better than Black Friday bargains?  The Cyber-Monday Sale on TeachersPayTeachers!  I am linking up with Jenna Rayburn for a What’s In Your Cart? linky party to highlight some holiday themed products from my store as well as some incredibly creative products from a few amazing SLPs!  Hint:  you should follow their TPT stores so that you can see the great materials they make too!!  Don’t forget to pop over to Jenna’s blog, Speech Room News,  to find TONS of SLP links for their linky recommendations too!

On Monday, November 30-December 1st, many stores will be having storewide sales on their products (including mine), BUT as a bonus gift, TPT is giving you an additional promo code to bring your discounts up to as much as 28% (use promo code: SMILE).  I feel like Oprah, YOU get a discount, and YOU get a discount!  So here are a few of my favorite things  (you sang that too, didn’t you?)  that are in my cart and my store (click on the pictures for the links):

What's In My Cup?  Inferences and Vocabulary              Untangle the Message:  Summarizing

Peppermint Point of View


My SmartmouthSLP holiday themed social language products will take you from your littles to your middles (and beyond)!  These seasonally themed activities are perfect to work on inferences, similarities/differences, point of view and Tier 2 vocabulary for summarizing

I am LOVING this whole body listening product from Daria over at Speech Paths!


How cute is this Winter themed Feelings product from my friend Meredith at the Peachie Speechie?

winter feelings.jpg

Holiday themed carryover ideas for families are wonderful this time of year!  Check out this packet by Jenna Rayburn :

Learning through play handouts

Last but not least, Short and Sweet Speech has an adorable Naughty or Nice themed social skills product that I can’t wait to buy:

Santa's Social Skills: Naughty or Nice?

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!!!

Spooky Speech Treats

sid and sis trick or treat


The Holiday roller coaster is just about to start with Halloween later this week.  Luckily, it falls on a Saturday, so we get to avoid the sugar craziness and crashes this year.  I have a fun social story product about a pair of siblings, SID (socially inappropriate dude) and SIS (socially inappropriate sister), to talk about expected and unexpected behaviors on Halloween.  You can find it in my TPT store, SmartmouthSLP.   As a treat, I also found a few fun FREEBIES for speech this week on TeachersPayTeachers and wanted to share them with you!

Halloween vocab cardsThese cute vocabulary cards from Teaching Talking can be used in games and therapy this week to address prepositions, following directions, expressive language, and more!

halloween house

I LOVE this adorable paper bag puppet idea to work on spooky speech from Table Top Tales

witchs hat

Want a cute way to work on Yes/No questions with visual support? Check out this freebie from Speech Time Fun !

candy corn challenge

Looking for a yummy way to get 100 target responses in artic?  Try this tasty challenge from Peachie Speechie !

halloween exit slips

Last, but not least, I really like these Halloween themed “ticket out the door” to reinforce what we work on in therapy from Creative Speech Lab.

Happy Halloween friends!   If you have other spooktacular freebies for speech, please share your links here!

“Talk Like A Pirate Day” is Dead Ahead….

Pirate Day graphic

Gold Country SLP set up this great linky to highlight pirate themed products for “Talk Like a Pirate” Day on September 19th!  I love a good theme and this is a fun one!   A whole week of articulation, language, fluency, and social skills with a pirate punch!  If you are like me, I try to get my thematic materials together a week before (or sometimes the morning of, if I am honest) scouring my files from years before, Pinterest and TPT.  Well, we have done the work for you here!   Check out my pirate themed products from my TPT store and products from some of my favorite salty SLPs (click on the pictures to link to the products in TPT)!

This social skills packet is perfect for preK through young elementary students!

This 50 page Pirate’s Guide to Navigating the Social Seas product is packed full of activities to work on social language skills with your preK, early elementary kiddos and students with mild cognitive impairments.

8x8 cover arr you using your words sss

This social skills squish product, “Arrr You Using Your Words?” is a fun play doh mat activity to work on expected/unexpected choices when using or losing words with BIG emotions !

Want more pirate booty to add to your therapy treasure trove? Don’t forget to click on the linky picture at the top of the blog for more pirate activities! Check these out from my speech mateys including pirate themed articulation cards from Gold Country SLP,  pirate WH questions and stories from Peachie Speechie, and even some big kid fun with inferences and vocabulary for upper elementary and middle schoolers from SLP Runner!

pirate articwh pirate questions

pirate inferencing