Cyber Monday Funday!

linky cybersale

What’s even better than Black Friday bargains?  The Cyber-Monday Sale on TeachersPayTeachers!  I am linking up with Jenna Rayburn for a What’s In Your Cart? linky party to highlight some holiday themed products from my store as well as some incredibly creative products from a few amazing SLPs!  Hint:  you should follow their TPT stores so that you can see the great materials they make too!!  Don’t forget to pop over to Jenna’s blog, Speech Room News,  to find TONS of SLP links for their linky recommendations too!

On Monday, November 30-December 1st, many stores will be having storewide sales on their products (including mine), BUT as a bonus gift, TPT is giving you an additional promo code to bring your discounts up to as much as 28% (use promo code: SMILE).  I feel like Oprah, YOU get a discount, and YOU get a discount!  So here are a few of my favorite things  (you sang that too, didn’t you?)  that are in my cart and my store (click on the pictures for the links):

What's In My Cup?  Inferences and Vocabulary              Untangle the Message:  Summarizing

Peppermint Point of View


My SmartmouthSLP holiday themed social language products will take you from your littles to your middles (and beyond)!  These seasonally themed activities are perfect to work on inferences, similarities/differences, point of view and Tier 2 vocabulary for summarizing

I am LOVING this whole body listening product from Daria over at Speech Paths!


How cute is this Winter themed Feelings product from my friend Meredith at the Peachie Speechie?

winter feelings.jpg

Holiday themed carryover ideas for families are wonderful this time of year!  Check out this packet by Jenna Rayburn :

Learning through play handouts

Last but not least, Short and Sweet Speech has an adorable Naughty or Nice themed social skills product that I can’t wait to buy:

Santa's Social Skills: Naughty or Nice?

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!!!

Old Dog, New Tricks!

old dog new tricks

This is my old boy, Archie, looking thrilled to be in the tub (not)!  But as cute and mopey as he is in this picture, he is not the old dog I am referring to.  That old dog would be me.  I was chatting with some other “seasoned” SLPs about technology in our field.   We were laughing at the memory of handwriting IEPs on carbon paper and that amendments required drawing a line through the mistake and initialing it.  Those days are gone!

What is second nature to my own boys and the new grads that I mentor with apps and social media, requires visual tutorials and lots of time for me to master.  Thank goodness for Youtube and collaborative boards on Facebook!  One of the great things about our field is that we all share information and support one another, and this is true in the virtual SLP realm as well.  I have learned a tremendous amount from Natalie Snyders, Jenna Rayburn and Meredith Avren (The Peachie Speechie)!  I got to thinking about the GIANT learning curve I have been on this year.

In the past 8 months of 2015 I have joined Instagram (love), Periscope (jury is still out), and learned to create my own pins on Pinterest.  I think I may need a Pintervention, as I am slightly addicted to it!  I learned how to create TeachersPayTeachers products on Powerpoint, edit pictures with A Beautiful Mess and Instasize apps,  and utilize Camtasia to record presentations for new SLPs.  I have struggled with Twitter (meh) and am getting ready to start using an iPad to create social language training videos for a grant project.  Each time I struggle with a new skill and come out the other side, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction!  Not that I am fantastic at everything, far from it,  but just that I am able to learn and grow is enough.

The only constant in our field is change, and you can either embrace it or let it frustrate you.  I choose to embrace it.  Give it a try and dip your toes into Instagram.  You will be amazed at the great SLPs and ideas you will find just by looking up the hashtag, #slpeeps!  Not sure what that means?  Check out this post by Nicole Allison.  Besides, I have read that constantly challenging yourself to learn new things keeps your brain young and flexible, and that sounds like a win-win for this old dog!

What has been your experience with the social media learning curve?

Magically delicious ideas for March…


I am home from school today due to a sparkly and dangerous glaze of ice across north Atlanta!!  It’s hard to believe that Spring is just around the corner with temperatures in the 20s (and below!). As I sip my hot cocoa in my jammies today,  I thought I would share some packets and freebies from TeachersPayTeachers to get ready to tackle social language concepts as we March into the next month!

I created a social language packet with a St. Patrick’s Day theme   HERE   It’s more than 20 pages of figurative language, inferences, point of view and language activities that dovetail with Think Social concepts from Michelle Garcia Winner.

The Peachie Speechie has created this fun idiom activity for the popular Cariboo game HERE   Speech therapy is always more fun with a game, right?

I am loving this social conversation freebie from Nicole Ravettina  HERE  Great idea for homework!

One more freebie from the talented Jenna Rayburn is a cute leprechaun trap activity that aligns nicely with Michelle Garcia Winner’s Unthinkables and Superflex characters   HERE

Stay warm friends and with any luck, we will have springtime temperatures soon!!