Apples and Oranges.

blog pic apples and oranges

I attend a large church and we are fortunate to have a couple of classes for our kids with special needs to join while their parents go to services.  I volunteer in one of these classes, and I have come to know and love the children in my room.  Several of these friends are former students of mine as well, so it is a treat to see them changing and growing into young adults!  I am in the younger classroom, and we join a larger group of K-2nd graders for a whole group dance party/bible lesson for part of our morning.

Some of my friends can be a little loud and wiggly, and at first, it stressed me out a bit to try to make sure they were not distracting the other kids during our big group time.  But as I looked around, the other students were equally (if not more) loud and wiggly!  They are being kids, in all their silly glory that comes along with not being concerned about what others think of you.  I learned to relax and enjoy the fun of watching these littles worship with wild abandon and joy!

A few weeks ago, I noticed two little girls watching one of my students sing and dance. They stared at her and then looked at me.  I walked over and asked if they wanted to come meet my friend. They were shy but said yes, and walked over.  The girls chatted for a bit and soon were jumping and singing right next to her, three peas in a pod.  The world will tell us that we are different and separate, not enough and too much, apples and oranges.   But don’t listen to the world, fruit salad is delicious!

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