Getting back to my green zone…


I don’t know about you, but the beginning of this school year is kicking my tired butt!   I have never had so many long meetings, IEPS,  and observations, in my professional life.   Like I often remind  my students, sometimes we need to stop and catch our breath when we are feeling out of control.  I started to think about all the social emotional learning tools that I teach my students to use when they are feeling discouraged or overwhelmed.  Why not apply them to my own life?

In social language terminology, I am taking my emotionally disregulated,  yellow zone self back to the green zone this weekend.   I will identify the size of my (perceived) problems and try to respond in a way that matches them accordingly.   I am going to use my social smarts and a five point scale to find my way back to a happy medium, my own personal reset button.   The paperwork and meetings aren’t going to disappear, I know they will be there to greet me on Monday morning.   However, fresh mountain air and no internet connection are the tools that I am choosing from my coping skills toolbox this weekend.

Do yourself a favor and put down the IEPs, the medicaid billing and the lesson plans, just for a few hours this weekend.  Go for a walk, play with your own kids, wonder at the beauty of early Fall where ever you are and just breathe.

2 thoughts on “Getting back to my green zone…

  1. Jaime says:

    Absolutely! Agreed! The never ending workload is always looming- but it’s healthy to ‘reset’ yourself with something relaxing and you enjoy! Balance! Plus I’m sure next week will be wayyyy easier! 🙃

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