More social language video resources!

More social language resources blog

Over the last month I have been developing several social language trainings for my fellow SLPs and teachers in AU classrooms.   Part of this training has included sharing materials and videos that I use when working with students with social language impairments. I have spent hours creating videos or trying to find videos to illustrate the concepts we are working on and want to share these resources with you!   I previously posted about two biggies, Playposit and Powtoon, as well as a blog on using the Youtube channel from Andrew Hales  to talk about expected/unexpected behaviors.  Today I want to talk about a few more resources, all free, that you might want to check out too!

I was fortunate enough to attend a conference a few weeks ago with Sarah Ward.  She shared a ton of great ideas for working with students with executive function impairments.  If you haven’t followed her on Pinterest at Cognitive Connections, you are missing out!!  One of the gems she mentioned was good old Sesame Street.   I had found several videos that all seemed to align with social language concepts such as whole body listening (The Biscotti Kid) and self control ( Me Want It, but Me Wait ) but Sarah Ward shared that Sesame Street had developed a whole video library that specifically addressed executive function skills!  These videos are not only for our neurotypical kiddos but are also great teaching tools for our friends who have EF challenges, including children with ADD, ASD, sensory regulation and other related diagnosis.  I started making a playlist in Youtube of all the great videos that I found here , but there are many more.  I also added a channel for songs/videos related to emotions here .

I love Youtube, but hate the ads embedded in them.  What to do?  Well, how about removing them by using Viewpure  or ? has the bonus feature of letting you clip videos easily to the length or segments you want to save from Vimeo or Youtube.  I love me some Big Bang Theory clips, but sometimes they are wayyyy to long to use.   I heard Jennifer Jacobs of Social Skill Builders mention in a conference that the video clips we use for social language shouldn’t really be longer than 30 seconds to keep the kids engaged.  This feature lets me target the perfect 30 seconds (or less)!

Here are a few more videos that you may want to check out for using with social language lessons (all are pinned on my Social Videos Pinterest board HERE ):

Lex Prin on Youtube:   Using Rude Gestures in a Debate (Middle School style)

Schmoop videos:   Cyberbullying: what it is and isn’t

Annoying Orange on Youtube:  Difference between being annoying and not being annoying

*caution Annoying Orange really lives up to his name.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you….

What other sites do you use to find social language videos or create your own?








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