That’s awkward…

thats awkward

I have been working hard to add some new social language videos to my Pinterest board and came across a YouTube channel, LAHWF, by Andrew Hales.  He is a twenty something  guy out of Utah, who started creating socially awkward videos in response to his own social awkwardness, and turned it into a career.  His channel has almost two million subscribers.  His videos are not mean spirited and many are laugh out loud funny, but he really taps into social conventions and expectations through his clips.

The first video I saw was awkward elevator .  It runs just under a minute and a half and has Andrew smelling peoples shoulders, standing with his face in the corner, planking and hugging someone randomly.  It is a fantastic video to use when teaching Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking curriculum.  You could use it to illustrate the concepts of expected/unexpected behavior, what people might be thinking and feeling and the hidden rules of riding in an elevator.

There is quite an extensive amount of videos in the channel’s library,  but some are not appropriate for school, so preview first!   Here is a list of a few of my favorites that you might want to check out for working on social language concepts with your middle and high school students:

awkward escalator

scaring people

talking people’s ear off

ignoring people

complimenting people very loudly *

*people in Utah must be extraordinarily nice, because no one got upset or even annoyed!  Watch this last video all the way to the end to see this in action.

What YouTube channels do you use to work on social language concepts?  Share here!


10 thoughts on “That’s awkward…

  1. Thank you for this resource Heidi! You Tube video clips are such great additions to therapy–I also like to use the Improv Everywhere videos to talk about unexpected behaviors. Blimey Cow has some good topics for teens also.

  2. Ashley Lemaster says:

    I found this on Pinterest and love! I am a somewhat seasoned SLP new to the Social Language Curriculum as I have several high schoolers with social goals. I just love this.

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