Big Game Social Skills

football blog pic

There is something going on this week, something big,  what some might call “super”. Even if you aren’t a football fan, the fun atmosphere of a big game is enough to get everyone a little bit excited, even if it’s just for the chicken wings. Much to my boys’ chagrin,  my favorite part of the festivities, hands down, is the commercials. The Dorito’s  Crash the Superbowl contest never disappoints! These commercials are gold mines of social language concepts, and I have a freebie in my TPT store to use with them HERE . You can look on Youtube for past year’s winners for a nice variety of commercials that include double meanings, figurative language, hidden rules, and lots of social thinking concepts!  The screaming goat is my all time favorite!

I also have another freebie (SCORE!!) in my store to work on the steps of conversation with a football theme:  Conversation Quarterback.

For your older students, it would be a fun discussion prompt to continue the football theme and talk about these social language concepts:

  • Sports “trash talk”-What is said versus what is meant and the hidden social rules behind this.  We need to consider the right people, place and timing for this high level social skill or it could end badly!!
  • Extend this social discussion to talk about the hidden rules of football viewing parties:  no double dipping, no talking during certain parts of the game, being a gracious winner (or loser), not standing in front of the TV, bringing food to share with others, etc..
  • Compare and contrast what players, coaches, and fans might be thinking, feeling and saying before, during and after the game.


No matter the outcome, I hope you enjoy the game!  Share your football themed ideas for social language here!






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