Social Skills To Go!

social skills to go

I was chatting with a mom of one of my summer kiddos last week.  She was upset as he was having a rough go in summer camp.  He was getting frustrated, then hitting and pushing the other kids.  My heart went out to her and we talked about how we are working on labeling emotions in therapy, deciding the size of a problem, using words to talk about our feelings, etc..  All that is great, but when real time and emotions collide, sometimes those social skills that are coming together in a therapy session go right out the window.

I was thinking about something that my buddy could take with him to camp to help him remember in those difficult moments what he could do.  It had to be portable, durable, and use clear language for readers.  I came up with a template of cards that could be laminated and hole punched to keep on a ring.  The ring can be connected to a lanyard, a belt loop or even a binder ring in school.

It’s a dual purpose product because it will help adults around the student use consistent language to help kids regulate their social skills in different environments like camp, with a babysitter or on vacation.  The adults may even generalize these skills with other children too. Finally, it gives my kiddos the opportunity to use the tools they have been practicing and build on success with a little visual support.

Here’s what the idea turned into:

photo 2

Cut, laminate, hole punch and put them on the ring!

photo 1

The packet has a black and white option and a color option. There’s also a blank template to customize and make your own cards.

My “Social Skills To Go: What to do when I am frustrated ” is the result and you can get it for FREE HERE  on TPT!   I am working on more Social Skills To Go packets and will post them soon.  Have a social skill you want to see made into a Social Skills To Go?  Leave a comment here!

7 thoughts on “Social Skills To Go!

  1. sltstudentgem says:

    Hi I’m a student Speech and Language Therapist from England! I love this idea and I have downloaded it!! Thanks very much! It would mean so much if you could take a look at my blog and follow! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. alison weigand says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’d like to see an appropriate behavior in the hallways social skills to go… aside from the normal ones but little ones need reminding to not stick their heads into other classrooms/offices and not stop walking to look at bulletin boards LOL

  3. Hey Heidi, love your post as always. Wanted to add the effectiveness I have seen from using program strategy called “The 5 Point Scale” consistently across all settings for the student in therapy, in classroom settings, and at home as well. 1. Facilitated but SLP / teacher / parents the student points to their emotional state with a defined strategy for each state daily at various times
    2. Student uses scale more independently to communicate, 3. Final goal outcome will be for student to effectively communicate (without the scale) their emotional state and use strategies from scale as needed. This scale paired with social story autopsies, rewards, and with parents/ teacher use has shown great progress with my students.m I loved your post on use of tickets for positive reinforcement. I find my students need “buy $ in”…. What’s in it for me???? To use strategies they have learned as they seem to have to internally feel the positive effects for themselves to use the strategies they have learned. suZanne / MPE

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