The Power of Margin.

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When I worked in an outpatient pediatric setting, I remember many parents being anxious about missing therapy for their kids in order to take a vacation.  I tried to reassure them that missing a week or two wasn’t going to cause harm and family time was just as valuable for their child.  Vacations offer lots of language opportunities, but more importantly it provides margin to step off the crazy wheel for a while.  The conversations usually ended with the parent smiling and relaxing as they realized the success or failure of their child wasn’t at stake in this decision.  Everyone needs a break!

I am looking forward to school finishing in the next week so I can step off my own crazy wheel for a bit!  In conversations with my newly minted SLPS (formerly known as CFs), I encourage them to enjoy the break and not worry about getting their CCCs, license and a summer job right this second.  It’s really the only time in your career as a SLP that you can hit pause and celebrate all that you have accomplished.  Your degree is finished, your fellowship year done, and you made it through your first job as a Speech Language Pathologist. If you worked in a school, you survived IEPS, testing, somebody crying (maybe you), and endless meetings.  You got better at writing reports, more creative in lesson plans/therapy and definitely more confident with teachers and parents! Give yourself a pat on the back and breathe!

The first day of school will be here before you know it, so sleep late, read a lot of great books, travel to places you’ve never been to and soak up the sun. You will be ready to charge (or at least stroll) back into the building with a smile on your face . In fact, you will be a healthier and better SLP because of it!!  So happy almost summer!  Get rid of the guilt and give yourself permission to enjoy it!!!

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