A Nice Surprise and a Lovely Blog Award!

blog-award1Thank you to my bloggy friend Liz over at her fantastic speech blog Say What? for nominating me for this One Lovely Blog Award!!  Check out her blog jam packed with great ideas for language (I especially loved her post on reading with older kids! )

The Rules for accepting this award:

The rules for accepting the award are:

1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you. (see above for links to Liz’s fantastic blog!)
2. Share 7 things about yourself. (See below for some fun facts about me!)
3. Nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on their blogs (usually on their about page or contact directly if necessary) to let them know. (Fun, I love to pay it forward!)

7 facts about me:

1.  I am mom to 3 boys; one 16, one almost 20….  scan0001

and one Old English Sheepdog.archie

2.  I have been a pediatric SLP from coast (Florida) to coast (California) to coast(Georgia).

3.  I had the first speaking part in a Disney commercial when I was little.  I was dressed as      the Easter bunny.

4.  I love the part of my job that allows me to mentor new SLPs in my county and                    supervise CFs (I have 9 this year!).  They are lovely, creative and very smart.

5.  My best speechie friend Jaime calls me Google…because I am full of                                  random and (mostly) useless knowledge!  I let my Jeopardy freak flag fly often.

6.  I love to watch The Walking Dead (not for the gore, but for the incredible writing!)

7.  The beach is my happy place.   I watched the first and last space shuttle launches              standing on the beach where I grew up.     indian harbour beach

Other Bloggers I love!!

1. Keeping Speech Simple:  Renee’s speech blog is full of creative therapy ideas!

2. Speech Paths:  Daria includes tons of great speech resources, especially for social language, which is near and dear to my heart!!

3. Natalie Snyders:  This self named blog is an incredible resource for SLPS and she generously shares her knowledge of therapy ideas, social media and technology each week!

4.  Learn to Love Food : I love this food therapy blog for not only the great feeding ideas Kim writes about, but also the gorgeous pictures she includes!!

5.  Jill Kuzma:  Jill’s blog has a wealth of therapy ideas for executive function, attention,          and social language activities.

6.  Chapel Hill Snippets:  Ruth’s speech blog has lots of facets- technology, book companions, and fantastic speech printables.

7.  SLPChelsea :  This cute speech blog posts weekly therapy ideas and lots of fun pictures (I am a visual learner) to illustrate her plans!

8.  TeachSpeech365:  This blog is well organized into therapy ideas, freebies, clinical skills, etc.. something for every speechie!

9.  Speech Room Style:   This fun blog has such great ideas on decorating and organizing your speech space.  We all need a little pretty in our lives, right?  You can also sign up for  the SLPS on TPT newsletter on this blog.  If you aren’t getting this via email on Sundays, you are missing out on tons of great blogs, freebies and TPT materials for speechies!

10. Speech Therapy Fun :  I like how Jennifer includes ideas for “parent fun” as well as therapy ideas and materials!

11.  Consonantly Speaking :   Jessica is a blog hop Diva and I have found many great blogs to follow via these hops!  She also cultivates a fantastic Pinterest page of speech and language blogs/materials links!

12.  Simply Speech :  I love looking through all the pictures, posts and great speech ideas on Kristin’s blog.  I especially love that she is also a grad of UCF , Go Knights!!

13.  Peachie Speechie :  Meredith has super creative therapy ideas (Check out her current post on fun ideas for BSHM) and be sure to peek at her store for clever t-shirts, bags and more related to Speechies (and OTs, PTs, teachers, etc…).

14.  Putting Words In Your Mouth :  Mia is a word nerd too (yay), has a love for Harry Potter like me, and comes up with some darn creative therapy ideas like her Velcro bug game (genius!).

15.  Say What?    I really enjoy reading Liz’s blog and especially admire her for sharing her heart for adolescents.  They can be tough in therapy, but often the ones that are hardest to love, need it the most!

Okay your turn to nominate a fantastic blogger!  Now go make someone’s day like Liz did for me 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Nice Surprise and a Lovely Blog Award!

  1. EEEEEEK! YOU DID! YOU DID!! You DID make my day!! What an honor, Heidi!! Yours is lovely as well 🙂 Those tidbits about you were so much fun! Thanks for the kind words, and ohhhhh I didn’t know you were a fellow HP fanatic!!

  2. Thank you Heidi! I just returned from my spring break vacation and this was such a nice welcome home! We share a love of the beach and I’m a mom to 3 boys as well (similar ages)! Love reading your posts!

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