It’s a Bunny-Palooza!

bunny 1

Spring has sprung in Atlanta (ah-choo!) and it is bunny time!  Our SNP (special needs preschool) class has outdone themselves.   Ms. Daisy created a gorgeous Peter Rabbit bulletin board featuring the kids’ artwork, and Ms. Shanee created a QR code to post a video of her amazing kiddos acting out scenes from the play.  She also added the common core standards embedded in the class play to the board!  I could see this idea being used on a speechie bulletin board too!  Take a peek here:

peter rabbit

We also have a great program for students with autism at our school (don’t you want to work here too??). The creative teachers wrote a PTA grant for not one but TWO bunny hutches on wheels and adopted two adorable class pets (names TBD). They use a visual of red tape on the floor to cue the kids for safe proximity to the bunnies and one of our awesome SLPs, Ms. Sahai, wrote a social story to talk about how to interact with the bunnies gently and safely (example:  touch the bunnies by petting them softly on their back with two fingers).  photo 2

I thought I would add my own twist on our bunny-palooza by creating this FREE spring social activity in my TeachersPayTeachers store HERE . It includes a cute poster of Whole Bunny Listening skills, a short story about meeting and interviewing the Easter Bunny (9 questions and a blank question template included) and an activity for matching and describing emotions with scenarios. These activities tap into the concepts of whole body listening, point of view, perspective taking, conversation, emotions, body language and interpreting social scenarios and are perfect for your elementary students working on these skills!  Hop to it before it’s gone….

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