What’s Up Peeps?

blog hop picHello and welcome to our blog hop!  My name is Heidi Britz and I am a school based SLP with more than 20 years of pediatric experience.  I prefer the term “seasoned SLP” to “old speech lady”, but that’s just me 🙂  My professional love (some might call it an obsession) is social language.  My goal is two-fold, to reach my students with social language impairments, and to provide support to my fellow SLPs, CFs and teachers in my community.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

My blog, Smartmouth, is focused on connecting social language with the common core and helping the kids who struggle with both.  Full disclosure, I am an unapologetic groupie of Michelle Garcia Winner’s work, so don’t be surprised if I toss about the terms expected/unexpected frequently!  My weekly posts include therapy freebies, lesson plans, TPT materials and discussions about the changing dynamic of social language.  And speaking of social, you can also find me on Instagram: @Smartmouth_SLP!

I hope you enjoy my FREE  “What’s Bugging You?” Idiom activity today HERE from my TPT store.  It has a bug themed idiom activity, extension activities suggested and a butterfly template (example included) to make visual representation of the literal and non-literal meanings of the idioms.                                                 Slide1

I also have several social language packets in my TeachersPayTeachers store that include inferences, main idea, expected/unexpected behaviors, comparing good/better/best choices, prediction, point of view, and the concepts of “think/ feel/say”. Please take a peek at these thematic packets including: “It’s Your Lucky Day”, “April Fools”,  “Party Time Pragmatics” and my newest Spring packet, “What’s Up Peeps?”.

One of the things that I think we SLPs do best is collaborate and share, so I am very excited to link up with the other bloggers in our hop (don’t forget to sign up to follow their blogs )!  Click on the Hop To The Next Blog link below to head over to Keri’s fantastic post!  If you have popped up in the middle of our bloggie bonanza, click on the Hop to the Beginning button so you don’t miss any of the great freebies!

I’m so glad you stopped by today! Please sign up to receive my blog weekly and hope to see you soon…

15 thoughts on “What’s Up Peeps?

      • Yes! It has become my new obsession. I am still figuring out webpages and blogs but one day at a time. I’m having so much fun I don’t want to rush it.

  1. I enjoyed learning more about you in your Blog, Heidi!
    I’ll keep in mind your freebie on idioms if I see older kids in the future and I’ll check out your Blog on Social Thinking!

  2. adoyle619 says:

    So glad I found your blog, even though I’m a little late to the party. Great hop and great freebie. Thanks so much.
    Doyle Speech Works

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