A Leprechaun Named Mike

I don’t believe in coincidence, and I absolutely love this story of Katie and her Mr. Mike!

Monday Coffee & Other Stories

A Leprechaun Named Mike

By Cynthia Patton

As Saint Patrick’s Day approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about luck and twists of fate. One of the most unlikely leprechauns I’ve encountered on our strange and humbling autism journey is a taxi driver named Mike.

When my daughter Katie switched school districts back in February 2013, she once again was slated to ride the special needs “short bus.” The two school districts, however, did not share bus service, so after a month of my driving her to and from the neighboring town, Katie began to take a taxi to school. Yes, a taxi. I was hesitant to send a barely verbal nine-year-old by herself to school (or anywhere, for that matter), but a taxi ride is quicker and easier on Katie’s often over-taxed sensory system. Plus a taxi has far better air conditioning than the average California bus. So now both…

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